Alveoloplasty (Quadrant)
Preparation & Cementattion Of Anterior All Ceramic Crown
Medical Management of OSMF
Surgical Management Of TMJ Ankylosis (G.A.)
Fibre Post & Core Restoration With Anterior All Ceramic Crown (23.4)
Fabrication & Insertion Of Fixed Space Maintainers / Space Retainer
Placement Of Fixed Habit Breaking Appliances
Open Reduction & Internal Fixation Of Jaw Fractures Under G.A. (76.76)
Closed Reduction & Immobilisation Of Mandibular Fracture Under L.A.
Intermaxillary Fixation(IMF) For Alveolar Fractures Under L.A.
Incision & Drainage of Facial Abscess Under L.A
Fabrication & Cementation Of Metal Ceramic Crown (Per Unit)
Treatment With Fixed Retainers
Metal Post & Core Restoration With Metal Ceramic Crown (23.4)
Simple Extraction Of Tooth
Surgical Managemant Of Cyst(<2.5 cm) Under L.A.
Fabrication & Insertion Of Complete Denture (Upper / Lower)
Fabrication Of Over Dentures With Attachments
Fabrication & Insertion Of Removable Habit Breaking Appliance
Fixed Orthodontics Treatment-Metal Braces
Sub Gingival Curretage Per Quadrant
Treatment With Fixed Functional Appliances
Treatment with Micro Implants (Each)
Preparation And Cementation Of Acrylic Crown
Management Of Avulsed Tooth
Fabrication & Insertion Of Removable Retainers-Each Arch
Root Canal Treatment
Pulpotomy & Pulpectomy With Ssc
Fabrication & Insertion Of Removable Functional Appliance
Rapid Maxillary Expansion With Hyrax Screwifr Palatal Expanders
Flap Surgery (Per Quadrant)
Tooth Coloured Restoration Per Tooth
Gingivectomy (Per Quadrant)
Fabrication Of Over Dentures -Implant Supported (2 units)
Extraction Of III Molar / Impacted Toot Under L.A
Surgical Managemant Of Cyst(> 2.5 cm) Under G.A.
Chin Cup Thepary
Head Gear Therapy
Amalgam Restoration Per Tooth
Apicoectomy With Grafting (76.91)
Splinting Of Teeth Under L.A(24.7)
Medical Management Of Lichen Planus
Fabrication & Insertion Of Removable Partial Denture- Single Tooth
Treatment With Inclined Plane
Excision Of Growth Under L.A.
Surgical Extraction Of Tooth
Extraction Of Deep Bony Impacted Tooth Under G.A.
Application Of Pit & Fissure Sealants (Pedo)
Tretament With Expansion Plate
Face Mask Therapy
Fabrication & Insertion Of Feeding Plate (Acrylic)
Oral Prophylaxis – Calculi (Upper/ Lower)
Fabrication & Insertion Of Obturator -Acrylic
Flouride Gel Application (Pedo)